Roleplaying Code of Conduct:

1.) The Fleet channel is for out-of-character communication only. The Officer chat channel exists for in-character, long-distance communication. The STOIC chat channel may be used for roleplaying events involving multiple Fleets.

2.) Out-of-character chat done locally or in established in-character channels should be noted through brackets or parentheses.

3.) No "godmoding." If you are going to perform an action on someone, make it an "attempt" to give the person a chance to react. The only time this is acceptable is if the two parties involved agreed on the actions and results of said actions beforehand.

4.) Keep your rank proportioned to your age. To be more specific, on average, people enter Starfleet Academy at age 18 and graduate at age 22. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, making Captain by 30 was considered to be an incredible achievement. If you are 22, you are a Crewman or an Ensign. Commander by 28, Captain by 30, minimum. There is no such thing as an Admiral under 35.

5.) If you're a fresh-faced, new Captain, you are not getting command of an endgame Cruiser type vessel. This includes any variants of the Sovereign, Emissary, Galaxy, and Odyssey-class starships. The level of responsibility needed to maintain a 46-deck, 2,500-strong behemoth would never be placed in the hands of an inexperienced officer in a real military situation. This only applies to in-character dealings and fleet events. What you fly to play the game doesn't matter.

6.) Do not use in-game story events as your character history. There is nothing stopping anyone else from claiming these events happened to them, so it's best to just leave it to a nameless ship and crew to avoid logical paradoxes. Exceptions are made for people who served aboard ships defending Vega Colony or ships involved in re-taking Deep Space Nine during The 2,800 arc, as participation in these events can be easily generalized.

Fleet Code of Conduct:

1.) Please make any extended periods of absence known ahead of time. If you do not participate in social roleplaying or any event for a six-week period with no advance notice, you are liable to be removed from the Fleet.

2.) Please respect others' beliefs and opinions in out-of-character chat. Try not to start any arguments over ideology.