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Author Topic: Idea  (Read 2963 times)


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« on: January 22, 2018, 01:39:14 PM »
I have posted a special event in my own discord community I thought it logical to share it here as example of what we do and to see if you feel you can add. This post location seams ideal place to post. I shall copy and paste now my idea.

Starfleet Tactical has requested Section 31 to construct a prototype. This prototype will be Starfleets first Battle Station that will require a minimum crew and maximum weapons.

Automated Mobile Defense Monitoring Platform

Need help with ideas on what kinda systems this would have...Captains I request assistance. In order to start you off I shal list something I would like to have onboard
Sensory Array
Basic Warp Drive
Subspace Relay
Weapon Systems
Defense Systems
AI - Controlled
Border Protection type thing
Because it doesnt have a crew that is alive the need for power consumption into life support allows it to operate more with weapon systems
so think along all they lines, come up with prototype intel for my viewing.

Our Gmod sandbox and STO is the 2 games needed to work on this new project

Good hunting Captains



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