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Bilok Intol Field

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Bilok Intol Field
Anomalous Region, Alpha Quadrant

First discovered in 2327, the Bilok Intol Field is an anomalous region of space located on the edge of the Black Cluster in Sector 97 of the Alpha Quadrant, also known as the Antos sector. Partially obscured to optical observation and entirely obscured to subspace permeation, the Bilok Intol Field has, as of 2420, remained unexplored.

Recent developments in joint efforts with Lukari and Kentari scientists investigating the so-called 'Dranuur Anomaly' have led to sensor improvements in the short and medium range allowing partial mapping of this region to be completed. Of note, a star system has recently been found within the field, however due to the lack of subspace permeation, subspace fields dissipate near immediately upon contact with the field which extends far beyond the stars heliosphere, preventing exploration of the system.

Whilst the effects are similar to that of the Dranuur Anomaly, the Dranuur Anomaly has no effect on high band subspace fields, such as those created by warp engines, affecting only low band communication and sensor data, additionally, the Dranuur Anomaly does not adversely affect optical observations, resulting instead in a purple hue surrounding the system, but not present within it. It is possible the effects exhibited by the Dranuur Anomaly are either an early stage or perhaps a late stage of the same anomaly affecting the Bilok Intol Field, but at this stage there is not enough information to determine that.

Early observations from the edge of the star system show a binary star system with at least 4 observable planets. Starbase 514, SB-514 is being utilized as a staging area for further research into this system under the Khitomer Alliance Research Directorate.

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1.0 - Initial Dataset Prior to Exploration
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