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SUBJ: Lakarian City | TO: FDC\Cardassia

RADM. Sileia T'Sai

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TO FDC\Cardassia
CC FDC\Command; Alliance Materiel Command
SUBJ Lakarian City

To whom it may concern,

As of Stardate 96317.93, Deep Space Seven has been subject to a direct communication request from a Cardassian delegation led by Gul Drokan. Following a meeting with the delegation, concerns were raised regarding the conditions currently faced within Lakarian city, which has allegedly suffered crippling effects from the Hur'q conflict which, due to an alleged backlog, is facing an imminent crisis with starvation, rampant crime syndicates and limited power reserves. Please see attached my report on this matter.

The Prime Directive is clear. We can not involve the Federation, or by extension, Alliance in the natural development of a culture, in particular their government. But we also cannot ignore a clear crisis which will affect sentient life.

As such, I request a delegation from your office to investigate the situation within the city, and to forward a summary of the political climate within the Detapa council to my office. I am in particular interested in the current state of any additional political parties, the spectrum therein, and potential increases of military buildup within either the Council or Cardassian culture as a whole.

I would also appreciate being provided with Dossiers on both Gul Drokan and Glin Granek.

Peace and long life.

Rear Admiral Sileia T'Sai
Chief of Logistics, Starfleet Fifth Fleet
//ATTACHMENT// Report: Cardassian Requests for Supplies - RADM T'Sai
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