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Saohlejan Tihlinu


Commanding Officer, IKS voSpegh KL-12832

Klingon Defense Force


Pale blue


65280.3 12 April 2388
Inundra, Tauhiun Governorate, Ilaoh'ri (63 Eridani IIIk)
Terahni Tihlinu, father - resident, Inundra, Tauhiun Governorate
Lahenn Tihlinu, mother - resident, Inundra, Tauhiun Governorate
Fevel Tihlinu, brother, elder - resident, Turait, Evossa Governorate
Reohliana Seiher (nee Tihlinu), sister, younger - resident, Inundra, Tauhiun Governorate


2388: Birth registry filed, Inundra Regional Medical Centre, Inundra, Tauhiun, Ilaoh'ri.
2405: Joins the crew of military-chartered supply freighter KF tongDuj-3047. Billet is ship's mate.
2407: Assumes command of KF tongDuj-3047.
2408: Added by HoD qartegh, IKS yatqap KL-8390: On this date, let it be known that Saw'leHjan tlhIynu puqbe', entering the ar'qanIS system and encountering a Federation blockade, courageously ran the gauntlet of enemy ships in her civilian freighter, even venting a plasma trail that disabled one of the enemy's ships. The wounds she suffered in this action are the marks of honour worthy of a Klingon. I can see the heart of a warrior beats within the breast even of one of the jeghwu'pI. Let it be so that she should join me aboard the yatqap!
2408: Added by the office of Qang jampaq: Let it be affirmed that for her act of great honour, allowing our brave warriors to fight on and courageously suffering battle wounds to self and ship to strike at the Federation, Saw'leHjan tlhIynu puqbe' is deemed worthy of being counted among Klingons in the line of battle. Qapla'!
2408: Inducted into the Klingon Defense Force at the rank of lagh and posted to IKS yatqap KL-8390, bI'rel-class, as a targeting systems officer.
2409: Added by Sogh Saohlejan Tihlinu: I assume the rank of Sogh and the position of Operations Leader after striking down the dishonourable petaQ' Qoghan muq puqloD'.
2410: Added by 'aj qovaq miqeD puqloD': All of the brave warriors aboard the yatqap are honoured for their courageous strike at the shipyard of Caph, deep within the territory of the Federation. Stories of their daring assault will be told in song for generations!
2411: Promoted to the rank of Sogh-la'.
2413: Added by HoD meQugh' ghowqom puqloD': I have slain the unworthy coward qartegh and claimed the title of HoD of this vessel. All slave trash will no longer be allowed on the bridge of a Klingon vessel that I command. Orion whores and Laohnian cowards will know their place on my ship.
2413: Added by HoD Saohlejan Tihlinu: I have slain the dishonourable fool meQugh' and claimed the title of HoD of this vessel. Miserable qoH, may your soul bleed out in ghe'tor. Never forget that you burn there because you are less of a Klingon than the slaves you sneer at.
2413: Added by Qang jampaq: Let the Record of Battle show that there is no dishonour in the actions of HoD Saw'leHjan, despite the sad whining of the House of ghowqom. The fires of honour may be stoked within the hearts even of those who are not born Klingon. Indeed, her people have been part of the Empire since the time of our forefathers, and she has shown she has learned the lessons of time well. The vessel yatqap is hers to command.
2414: IKS yatqap destroys a Borg Sphere in the 12 Sextantis system in a rare solo engagement for a ship the size of a Bird of Prey.
2414: IKS yatqap makes landfall on Ilaoh'ri as part of a KDF sovereignty patrol ceremony.
2414: Added by 'aj qovaq miqeD puqloD': HoD Tihlinu's pushing back of Hirogen hunting parties in the HatorIya sector is truly the act of a warrior. The crew of the yatqap are honoured for their great success in battle!
2416: IKS yatqap completes a deep scouting mission of the Delta Quadrant beyond the Voyager Corridor, providing accurate maps to the KDF.
2417: IKS yatqap transfers to an Alliance base near the Rolor Nebula.
2419: Added by HoD Saohlejan Tihlinu: After our victory against the Breen in the 37 Pegasi system, the yatqap has suffered significant battle damage. The ship has served the Empire well for many years, but she is nearly a century old and requires extensive repair before she can reenter battle.
2419: Transfers to IKS voSpegh KL-12832, vorcha'-class, by order of the High Command.
2419: Added by HoD Saohlejan Tihlinu: We are taking the voSpegh into the outer reaches of the Empire to conduct sovereignty patrols and see to the state of our outer borders.
2420: IKS voSpegh encounters and destroys a weapon-ship of the Ghizat Hierarchy in the Azh'muran (HD 52295) System.
2420: IKS voSpegh annexes the resource-rich HD 56161 System for the Empire, establishing the jampaq-27 mining colony on the metallic planetoid taD-j-9820-C.
2421: IKS voSpegh establishes relations with the Thukarians of the Anathuk (HD 49109) System. The planet enters into a client relationship with the Empire.
2421: Added by HoD Saohlejan Tihlinu: We are returning from our patrol of the space beyond the Imperial border. The Record of Battle will speak to our success in carrying the flag of the Empire.


* Granted the right to serve in the KDF, 2408.


* Added SD 98594.14 by DS9 Station Security: One charge of unarmed assault versus a civilian. Added SD 98594.37 by DS9 Klingon Security Officer: Charges are stayed by reason of the issue being sexual harassment and an affront to HoD tlhIYnu's honour. Added SD98594.38 by DS9 Station Security: Court proceedings stayed by reason of plea agreement, protective order and undertaking to make whole.




Quote from: Sogh QeS, Chief Medic, IKS voSpegh
Healthy and fit for battle. Try to avoid heavy outerwear in higher heat; Laohnian physiology doesn't like it.

Quote from: Sogh QeS, Chief Medic, IKS voSpegh
Of sound mind and mentally prepared for battle.
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