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Author Topic: 22nd Mobile Fleet Daedalus Omega  (Read 4150 times)


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22nd Mobile Fleet Daedalus Omega
« on: February 25, 2018, 04:11:01 PM »
Hello Again Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well!!!

The storyline of the 22nd Mobile Daedalus is an on going story of several ships and their crews career development in Starfleet. Candidates join the fleet by requesting a character to play and the skills they wish to bring to the starship group. Games are conducted much like a SIM or DND Game where a Game Master interacts with players as the universe. Characters will develop relationships, and over come challenges much like an typical episode from Star Trek as you will explore strange new worlds, and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Each ship meets one night a week for role playing so commitment to the fleet is roughly 3-4 hours a week. There are many other types of events that occur and there is a huge PVE membership. So getting help with the game is very easy when join the fleet.

We are currently featuring our own Fleetbase, Starbase 220 - Under the command of Vice Admiral Miranda Kalavek and Rear Admiral Susan Compton! This has become a hub for role playing between episodes. Allowing for more socializing in character. We have done such with places like Earth Space Dock, Risa, but now we have centralized private instance for the fleet community.

The 22nd Fleet continues with our fleet wide story arc where in this new age of exploration and ancient gateway has provided access to the Large Magellanic Cloud. The captains and their crews have embarked on missions of exploration and discovery which they themselves are mapping out. Each new world and new civilization are mapped out by each ship adding to the overall fleet story tapestry!

Since the arc began the fleet has encountered more than a dozen new races and have charted twice as many new world as they continue to explore a galaxy that at one time faced a horrifying and devastating war. Exploring ancient ruins and bringing hope to those who have long forgotten the true definition of the word.

The Current Ships available:


=^= USS GIGANTES - NCC-97607 / Vesta -class / C.O.- Captain Desty

=^= USS PILGRIM - NCC-92481 / Bellerophon-class / C.O.- Commander T'Pang

=^= USS PROTECTOR - NCC-95312 /  Vigilant-class / C.O.- Lieutenant Commander Tiberius Asada

=^= USS ADAGIO - NCC-99691-B / Solbianca-class / C.O. - Captain PhellTalia Zh'Kor

=^= USS SENTINEL - NCC-93014 / Sentinel -class  C.O. - Captain Joyaus Dalun

We are located at this Linkie!


Along with that is our thread for character transfer requests! There is a thread to explain the process in which to join the 22nd's rp! It is not as daunting as it looks, we are pretty fun bunch! Any questions that you might have will be readily answered by the DGM Leadership of the fleet and we can walk you through the process if you get stuck!

Also If you get stuck on the character sheet, apply and ask for assistance after outlining your character and history as normal, and we will help you with the sheet as we go. We are more about story and getting folks involved in the rp.

Transfer Requests to the 22nd Mobile Fleet Daedalus Linkie! :


So come take a look and see what time and ship best fits you!!

All ships in the 22nd Mobile Fleet have excellent rpers aboard and are looking to fill some key roles in their department head positions. So feel free to sign up and have some fun exploring and keeping the Federation safe!

Current on going storyines going into our 12th Season of RP Arcs are as follows :

The USS Adagio is currently deployed out in the Large Magellanic Cloud on an Exploration and patrol mission as they launch into season 14!

The USS Pilgrim has begun a new mission of discovery and exploration in the Large Magellanic Cloud as they prepare for a new mission of exploration and scientific investigations!

The USS Sentinel and her crew are on a mission of peacekeeping and exploration in the Large Magellanic Cloud!

The USS Protector recently saved two native species from extinction during their mission of peacekeeping and exploration in the Large Magellanic Cloud!

The USS Gigantes is currently deployed out in the Large Magellanic Cloud on an Exploration mission as they launch into season 14!

So if TV Series type of Star Trek RP is your type of fun, come take a look at us and feel free to come along and add your stories to ours and join our growing little family :) Many of our players have been with us since Beta and for a few years! They are a good solid bunch and very friendly and eager to make new friends!

Hope to see you all soon!


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