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“Welcome to the Delta Quadrant!”

That’s what they say when they greet you. What they don’t say is that the station is small and rough. Personnel are crammed three or four to a room. The colony is still being built on the planet below. They promised to get arrays up as soon as possible so that communications go faster, but it is the frontier.

The Delta Alliance Exploratory Initiative welcomes you to the Delta Quadrant. A civilian-run organization answerable to the Khitomer Alliance with the stated goal of digging into the hidden corners of the Delta Quadrant and finding colonizable planets. With the permission of local authorities, of course.

“We need people like you to make the dream happen! New life! New civilizations! New homes for refugees displaced by war or natural disaster!”

A bit tactless to say if there’s a Romulan in the room, perhaps, but your greeter has the widest smile.

Who We Are: We are a role-playing fleet in Star Trek Online that utilizes the immense, unexplored space of the Delta Quadrant to complement existing lore with creative stories. We’re a social community of people who enjoy sharing stories in-character, as well as friendly interaction out-of-character.

What We Do: When you aren’t role-playing “Bar Trek” style at a fleet location (or in a public location), we offer scheduled events that include one-shot stories as well as longer-term plotlines. Our unique “Project” system allows fleet characters to actively impact the environment around them. This allows players to help build and create the organization, solve problems that impact your characters, and create/colonize new planets. We focus primarily on exploration and discovery stories.

What Can You Do: Our players can (in-character) command their own ships with NPC crews. They can also join a player crew, where a player commanding officer organizes a crew based on the sort of stories they care to run (or which faction they want to represent). The crew organizer may choose to run events catering to the crew or designate an official Storyteller. Positions on the starbase/colony will open up as we go!

Storyteller Role: We have several roles in the fleet that give people opportunities to contribute from a roleplaying perspective. The Storyteller role is available to anyone who wishes to run events; from one-shots to long-term projects. There is a private section of the discord and website so that Storytellers can design plotlines, create systems and species, collaborate, and help critique or strengthen each other’s plots.

Where to Find Us: We have a website ( as well as a discord server! Join us at ! Get to know the players, Storytellers, Moderators,and Admins! If you like what you see, jump into the application process!


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