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United Sector Taskforce

Dima Miller

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United Sector Taskforce

Welcome to the United Sector Taskforce recruitment post. 
UST is a casual Light-to-medium RP fleet in Star Trek Online (STO) that's currently looking to continue to grow the RP community and share our vision of Starfleet and the Star Trek IP.

Our OOC directive is to have fun, but to respect the rules set within our Discord / in-game channels.
Our IC directive is for a casual playtime as well as a serious dedication to a no-stress no-drama environment.

We have been around since 2012, and continue to have an active playerbase and integrated RP community.

Our vision of Star Trek RP involves a few key aspects:
1. We operate IC as a fleet for both casual and regular RP.
2. We have a starbase and multiple active starship squadrons, which offers RP opportunities to both ship captains, ship crews, and starbase support staff as well as Romulan officers and civilians.
3. We value unique characters and stories, and do not accept characters from borrowed IP.
4. We already incorporate regular RPs and would welcome new participants within it or brand new RP structures.

IC Premise:
UST's operations are based on Starbase 514, with a number of Federation ships answering to that command. This allows us to have a variety of roleplay opportunities, from starbase counselors and doctors, to bartenders, research facility postings, captains, commanders, and other junior officer positions on other players' ships. So if you already have a position in mind, it's likely we'll have a place for you! 

If you are interested please apply to our discord channel -

Or in-game by contacting one of the Admins:

@Brex - @S.J.Brex
@Dima - @eligold9#9115
@Phill'min - @dhofmann
@Shalamar - @Shalamar
@Shaani - @Shaanithegreen
@Thompson  - @James_Thompson

We're always willing to answer questions and assist whenever possible.

UST Admin Team

Dima Miller

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  • STO Username: eligold9#9115
USS Cychreides NCC-92945-B
Starfleet / Alliance

Welcome to the Cychreides recruitment post!
The Cychreides is a long going ship-based RP within the UST, looking for new officers and NCOs for it's 6th season (active since 2015).

We are a tight-knit group of dedicated role-players, loving the Star Trek franchise and deep, story rich, role-play.

Play time is on a weekly bases, on: Sunday GMT+2 21:00-24:00

Our vision of  RP involves a few key aspects:
1. Commitment to a regular, once a week, attendance.
2. Nice relaxed atmosphere - no abuse or pressuring in any way of other players will be tolerated.
3. Deep character development (multiple characters are possible).
4. Story driven arcs, with many one-time episodes.
5. We encourage all players to write and produce episodes / arcs as well.

IC Premise:
With the Jenolan Accords in place, cessation of Undine attacks and following the end of the Iconian war, the newly formed Alliance is stretching it limbs and learns to walk. The beginning of a conflict with the Na'kuhl turned into a constant temporal war, though kept to minimum, still causes casualties and poses imminent danger. But in face of that, exploration ventures are once more taking place in the depths of the Galaxy.
The Alliance is building its front rank players to help pave the way of scientific discovery and special tactical missions. Join the crew of the U.S.S. Cychreides in the Federation and the Alliance's continuing mission to seek out new life and new civilizations. And to make the road there safe.

If you are interested please apply to UST's discord channel -
And contact us via the uss-cychreides-ooc channel.
Join our dedicated website -
Or in-game by contacting - @Dima - @eligold9#9115

We're always willing to answer questions and assist whenever possible.

USS Cychreides crew
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