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Cardassian city of Lakarian requests assistance following Hur'q attack

Talua Dalis

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Cardassian city of Lakarian requests assistance following Hur'q attack


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Talua Dalis | 96349.4

Within the last month, a small contingent of Cardassian Defence Force vessels arrived at a Federation Starbase on the Klingon border, Deep Space Seven. GNN sources identified the leader of the group as Gul Drokan, a minor politician within the local government of Lakarian city who had been a strong advocate for first rebuilding critical infrastructure in industrial and agricultural sectors rather than the priority reconstruction of administrative infrastructure.

When questioned, Rear Admiral T’Sai, confirmed that a meeting had taken place, but that no agreement had been reached, and diplomatic channels were being investigated to ensure the equal distribution of aid within all appropriate treaties and to the satisfaction of all appropriate governments.

One concern raised by Federation speculators is that an underhanded action by someone holding a military rank to circumnavigate the Detapa Council harkens back to a dangerous precedent where the civilian government was overtaken by a military council and significant rebuilding of Cardassian militaries took place. However, Romulan speculators instead believe that the needs of the populace must be put in front of politics, to prevent needless loss of life. Klingon speculators are remaining silent on this matter.

Lakarian City is perhaps most well known for being levelled in the final days of the Dominion War, a cultural icon of Cardassia, the Dominion’s assault was believed to be a demoralising action, however it ultimately led to Cardassia overthrowing the Dominion at grave cost of 800 million lives, 200 million of which were the civilian populace of Lakarian City. A memorial erected in 2376 stands testament to the bravery and determination of those who followed Corat Damar.

Following the bombardment, large deposits of minerals and fertile soils had been released and during rebuilding, Lakarian City had been transformed into a thriving agricultural metropolis, attracting the attention of True Way terrorists in 2408, who bombed irrigation controls causing minor flooding and ruined harvests.

More recently however, during the Hur’q assault on the Alpha and Beta quadrant, these newfound resources were a prime target for the Hur’q, leading to further damage and demoralisation of the area. Renja Dromal, a citizen of Lakarian City said “Every time we rebuild, our work is undone, the Federation said they would protect us, but not one Federation ship was seen above Cardassia as the Hur’q attacked, these false promises make it hard to believe we can thrive under this treaty.”