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Author Topic: Channel and Forum Rules  (Read 363 times)


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Channel and Forum Rules
« on: February 08, 2019, 10:46:34 PM »
While our primary goal is to have fun, we have to ensure that that fun does not infringe upon the fun of others. As a result, the channel and forums are governed by a series of rules. Most can be boiled down to "Apply common courtesy to your actions, and we'll all get along fine", for finer details, please read below;
N.B. Please post any feedback or suggestions you may have in the General Discussion Forum.
  • No excessive swearing, we're not prudes, but vulgar language is rarely called for, or met with pleasantries. There's a time and a place.
  • No spam advertisements (Again, this includes spam of any kind. Spam is simply unwanted messages. If people want a fleet, they will ask for one, fleet recruitment posts can be entered in the Fleet Recruitment Forum and it is expected that people be linked to this forum.)
  • Over the top crude behavior (such as name-calling) outside the bounds of reasonable teasing and/or RP will be subject to moderator action.  (*)
  • Disrespect towards channel users in the main channel will not be tolerated. Referring  to channel users with disrespectful words/phrasings will result in moderator action.  (*)
  • No hate-mongering. This includes racial slurs, anti-religious or any other form of comment and or posting designed to degrade a group and promote hard feelings or ill-will towards that group.
  • Discussing any sort of sexual behavior towards minors (such as ERP with minors) will result in a channel ban and reporting to Cryptic. No warnings will be given, instant ban and report. No exceptions.
  • Everyone's political and Religious beliefs are so varied you can say something with the best of intentions, but in the end you end up upsetting and/or offending someone, or a group of people in the channel. In most cases it is best to avoid these topics.
  • While we understand that trolls are a problem, we don't need to hear about them constantly. No discussion of anyone trolling anywhere. We will not set out to give them satisfaction. And anyone who does will receive a channel mute after a warning.
  • If you have an issue with someone, then your first response should be to PM them politely about it. Your second response should be to PM a moderator. Arguing it out on the channel or letting it spill into RP is not good!
(*) All these will be subject to contextual moderator discretion.

On the matter of spoilers (of particular note current Star Trek series!) there is a reasonable expectation of at least one week grace period before discussion of potentially spoiler content. Ultimately this is up to you and you alone. If people don't want to hear spoilers and you go ahead anyway, the moderators won't intervene (unless your actions violate other rules), but know that you will look like a tool.

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