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Author Topic: ...Should have Shot 'Em  (Read 11496 times)

Capt. Phill'min Ijhlab

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...Should have Shot 'Em
« on: July 09, 2020, 12:57:50 AM »
Phill'min arrived back on her ship like any other time, although lately it seems like every beam up has a little more of a slouch on her shoulders as she re-materializes. The same routine; appear on the pad, remove the away team jacket and hand it to her Yeoman as it is exchanged with her Uniform's jacket and walk out through the doors with a loud swoosh.

She made her way through the (smaller then today's standard) corridors, following the same old zigzag to the Turbolift as small nods were offered in return to crew members as she went along. Then, a tap of a button and almost instantly those doors now swoosh open. All routine.

Swoosh. She hits a switch by the doors to turn on her cabin's lights. A few steps taken forward to fling her jacket back off and on to a chair that faces a desk that faces the wall. Then, a few more steps to her left through some semi-transparent and tinted dark glass doors to another small room with her bed which she simply sat down on. "I should have shot that Ferangi bastard," she said in a mumble to herself as for a moment she leaned forward, elbows resting on her knees as she hung her head gently. "It would have been justified after all. Well, in my eyes." Phill then sat upright again and looked across the room where on the opposite end a mirror was mounted on the wall.

She stared for a moment at the reflection she saw, or really was it through the reflection? Slowly she stood, taking small, slow steps almost toe-to-heel forward until the mirror was within reach. A blue hand slowly raised up, moving forward as if she was trying to touch her own face through the reflective glass. "You shouldn't be here.." she said softly to her reflection as she stared forward. "You should be out experimenting with new technology on this bastard of a ship, pushing limits. Out helping the Federation advance. Looking forward to shore leave to see--" she stopped speaking, looking almost emotionless at the glass.

A small whistle was suddenly heard, causing her to stand straight and walk towards the wall where the comm panel was. Bleep. "Excuse me Captain, but there is a hail coming in for you from Admiral T'Sai looking for an update."

"Acknowledged," she responded back in her normal tone to try to keep up that look of a strong Captain. "Have her hold, I'll come take it in my Ready Room." Another beep as the channel closed and her head slowly turned to look back at the mirror. Her expression changed to something more stern as she stood upright, then quickly walked out of the bedroom and towards the door - snagging her jacket along the way.

"I should have shot the Bastard." Swoosh.

(Reference: A scene after an away mission dealing with a shady Ferangi, a Modern day Starfleet Captain, and an Orion. I'm going to get hate for describing it this way. :) Trying to get motivated to write more about Phill'min, so excuse the short post. )
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