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Personal Logs / Re: Operation: Armada de Vitor
« Last post by Raius on January 12, 2021, 07:04:28 AM »
Stardate: 98032.08
Wright's Triumph Mountain Range
Northwestern Continent
Marrakand IV
Marrakand System
Marrakand Sector
Large Magellanic Cloud

One Meter.

That's all the facility roof was able to open. More than enough for a small team to scout whatever lay within, but it was less climactic than de la Vega had anticipated.

He led a small team, 5 women, 2 men, and a brave Akita, who began as the sun rose above the dormant volcano summit turned abandoned outpost that they were preparing to investigate; 2 Engineering, 1 Medical, 3 Science, 2 Security, 1 Tactical, in total, and the unknown ship that lay below.  The armor plating was bone-chilling, just as the air below the opened doors; it would be much easier to think on this without so much snow.

"How long has this been here?", asked de la Vega. Lieutenant Jameson answered first, "I'd say about 100 years, sir...", before she continued, the team, hound included, bowed their heads for a moment of silence. "No Terran lifesigns aboard, sir. Recommend we send a probe to the nearest deck.", "Agreed.", stated de la Vega, "...but cloaked. We don't know what's down there.", "Sir!", Jameson briefly snapped to attention and assembled a small probe, while the rest of the team began to construct a miniature heat shield to melt the snow away, and the Akita stood guard, periodically perking his ears.

"This is a saucer...", de la Vega spoke under his breath to himself, reasonably away from the rest of the team, "...the dimensions of this facility...a facility exclusively used for the maintenance this vessel over all others. Why this one?" The thought crossed his mind when the sensors picked it up, but it was fleeting. His luck could not be that bountiful...surely it could not. Could it not?

The heat shield started to hum, slowly being moved towards where the registration would be. The snow, over a few minutes, melted away. Number by number. Letter by letter.

I.S.S. Barracuda

Ensign Jonathan exclaimed, "Sir, the Barracuda!". Captain de la Vega was overtaken by emotion, dropped to his knees, and prayed. Things were...on his side. Long Live the Empire, indeed.
Federation Fleets / Re: United Sector Taskforce
« Last post by Dima Miller on January 10, 2021, 08:48:18 AM »
USS Cychreides NCC-92945-B
Starfleet / Alliance

Welcome to the Cychreides recruitment post!
The Cychreides is a long going ship-based RP within the UST, looking for new officers and NCOs for it's 6th season (active since 2015).

We are a tight-knit group of dedicated role-players, loving the Star Trek franchise and deep, story rich, role-play.

Play time is on a weekly bases, on: Sunday GMT+2 21:00-24:00

Our vision of  RP involves a few key aspects:
1. Commitment to a regular, once a week, attendance.
2. Nice relaxed atmosphere - no abuse or pressuring in any way of other players will be tolerated.
3. Deep character development (multiple characters are possible).
4. Story driven arcs, with many one-time episodes.
5. We encourage all players to write and produce episodes / arcs as well.

IC Premise:
With the Jenolan Accords in place, cessation of Undine attacks and following the end of the Iconian war, the newly formed Alliance is stretching it limbs and learns to walk. The beginning of a conflict with the Na'kuhl turned into a constant temporal war, though kept to minimum, still causes casualties and poses imminent danger. But in face of that, exploration ventures are once more taking place in the depths of the Galaxy.
The Alliance is building its front rank players to help pave the way of scientific discovery and special tactical missions. Join the crew of the U.S.S. Cychreides in the Federation and the Alliance's continuing mission to seek out new life and new civilizations. And to make the road there safe.

If you are interested please apply to UST's discord channel -
And contact us via the uss-cychreides-ooc channel.
Join our dedicated website -
Or in-game by contacting - @Dima - @eligold9#9115

We're always willing to answer questions and assist whenever possible.

USS Cychreides crew
Federation Fleets / United Sector Taskforce
« Last post by Dima Miller on January 04, 2021, 12:19:06 PM »
United Sector Taskforce

Welcome to the United Sector Taskforce recruitment post. 
UST is a casual Light-to-medium RP fleet in Star Trek Online (STO) that's currently looking to continue to grow the RP community and share our vision of Starfleet and the Star Trek IP.

Our OOC directive is to have fun, but to respect the rules set within our Discord / in-game channels.
Our IC directive is for a casual playtime as well as a serious dedication to a no-stress no-drama environment.

We have been around since 2012, and continue to have an active playerbase and integrated RP community.

Our vision of Star Trek RP involves a few key aspects:
1. We operate IC as a fleet for both casual and regular RP.
2. We have a starbase and multiple active starship squadrons, which offers RP opportunities to both ship captains, ship crews, and starbase support staff as well as Romulan officers and civilians.
3. We value unique characters and stories, and do not accept characters from borrowed IP.
4. We already incorporate regular RPs and would welcome new participants within it or brand new RP structures.

IC Premise:
UST's operations are based on Starbase 514, with a number of Federation ships answering to that command. This allows us to have a variety of roleplay opportunities, from starbase counselors and doctors, to bartenders, research facility postings, captains, commanders, and other junior officer positions on other players' ships. So if you already have a position in mind, it's likely we'll have a place for you! 

If you are interested please apply to our discord channel -

Or in-game by contacting one of the Admins:

@Brex - @S.J.Brex
@Dima - @eligold9#9115
@Phill'min - @dhofmann
@Shalamar - @Shalamar
@Shaani - @Shaanithegreen
@Thompson  - @James_Thompson

We're always willing to answer questions and assist whenever possible.

UST Admin Team
Federation Fleets / Nova Star Task Force
« Last post by Riku Deard on December 17, 2020, 08:14:09 PM »

"To be a watchful eye, paving the way for new beginnings in exploration, diplomacy, and discovery."

With his head tilted down solemnly, the Fleet Admiral walked to the small makeshift raised dais of Starbase Helios. His eyes raised as he stood on it, looking out at the crew working on creating and maintaining the base. He cleared his throat as he held himself in proper position.


Everyone able to hear him stopped what they were doing, placing their tools down as they assumed the familiar pose they had been trained in.

“Today, we are gathered in this starbase to commemorate not only the beginning of a new chapter in Federation exploration, but also to open the expanse of a new frontier for the galaxy to explore. We have long seen the Dominion as our enemies, having fought against them in the war and experiencing the damage they have caused. The holos warn of dealings with them. To those holos, they are nothing more than relics of an antiquated past.”

“You are the new forerunners of the future of the Federation. Everything you have been taught - all the tears that have been shed, the families left behind, the risks you have taken - all of it - has led to this very moment. You are no longer simply yourself. You represent something bigger now. You represent something even bigger than the Federation. Bigger than the galaxy itself.”

“You represent hope.”

“Hope is what we need if we wish to continue to survive in this galaxy. Hope is what drives us forward, making us know that no matter what the costs, in the end, our sacrifice will not be in vain. We will find new worlds. We will find new comrades in defending worlds from any atrocities which may be looming. And through it all, we will not compromise our values.”

“We are the few who are tasked with this duty and we will never take this lightly. We are to always be the watchful eye, vigilant in the face of any adversities be they from foe or even friend. Our guards will never lower. Our minds will never stop. Our hearts will always lead the way.”

“This is only the beginning of the exploration in the sector. You are the shining beacon which will be raised for others to follow. New officers will learn your names and of your deeds on this starbase and when they do, it is up to you if they will revere you as upholding the principles of Starfleet. Out here, you decide your destiny. You decide your place in the galaxy. Everything you have ever learned - every achievement - every mistake - has guided you to the very position you are in right now.”

“Some people may think that the Gamma Quadrant is the end when it comes to exploration. That once we have found everything here, there are no mysteries. Prove them wrong. Prove to them that this is only the beginning in exploration, diplomacy, discovery, and that with these at our disposal, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.”

"You are Nova Star Task Force."

Welcome, new recruit, to the Nova Star Task Force! Our mission is to explore the Gamma Quadrant and learn more of this distant space!

Nova Star Task Force(Or NSTF) Is fleet focused on Role Play! We are part of a larger community that is complete with discord, Enjin website, and a friendly, open community of players happy to have new friends to play with! Currently in our Role Play we have a station set up on the other side of the Bajoran worm hole called Starbase Helios. Our active starship is the USS Theia with more to come as our fleet grows!

-Must be 17+ in age
-Able to join a fleet
-Willing to fill out an application on our website

If you meet these requirements and are interested please respond here or send an in game mail to [email protected] to learn more!
Personal Logs / Re: Operation: Armada de Vitor
« Last post by Raius on December 12, 2020, 10:01:24 AM »
Captain de la Vega stood at a wooden podium, esoteric symbols of Terran deep history carved throughout; dim light created a faint glow of the bronze, gold, and silver presented throughout the massive stadium. This, a crossing of thresholds, a declaration, reorganization, announcement, in that order. It would be difficult for some, sacrifices were made every day for survival now, but this was different...a sacrifice beyond the present moment or the moment thereafter.

Captain Raius Marco Antonio de la Vega, Esq., Paramount of Marrakand, Master of the Order of the Green Flame, Forger of the Terran Will, spoke succinctly.
"Captains Log complemental, Stardate 97947.25...", most of the stadium audience gently chuckled, as did the Captain before regaining his signature frown, "Comrades, we verily greet this day. Our colony grows as much as our resurgence, supplies continue to increase, and this dead world is reborn in our image, and the in image of our Creator. We stand here today, ever nearing our destiny", he peers out, examining the thousands before him, "...look around you...all you see, this place, our new order, would not have been possible without the collective effort of all present, and those not. To the assembled, and to those attending to duties elsewhere on our world, I could not have asked for a better unity.", the assembled applause while remaining seated, echoed by those pausing elsewhere for the live audio feed, "As we know all to well, however, time is an ever-tightening grip on those who do not seize the day; no matter how pious we are in this life, it is material and of temporal that requires regeneration against entropy. Our infrastructure, and those of our predecessors, will make great winds in our sails to see us to the horizon and beyond.", the Captain sighs before taking the plunge, "Many of you may reckon where this speech is heading...I have been considering our options for many days and nights, almost since we first awoke from our slumber. Upon final review with my senior staff, I have taken it upon myself to organize Project: Count Table. To expedite the state of the project, I am ordering a medical review pertaining to the state of our fertility. Male and Female shall both be examined, in the alphabetic order of their names. After reviews are concluded and passed, Counselors and various Medical specialists will advise matching. If and when matches are successful, courting will be guided by Chaplains, who will officiate mass weddings shortly thereafter. After this initial process concludes, Females will be given 12 months of shore leave, be honorably discharged from Imperial Starfleet thereafter, if they so desire, and be inducted into the Order of the Fruitful; Males will be commendated and assigned familial quarters throughout constructed and explored areas. Report to your sector's Medical Headquarters A.S.A.P. to begin evaluation. If you do not pass the initial review, you are to have your PADD authenticated by your sector's Chief Medical Officer, and report to my office. There is need of those who have only themselves to give for our Empire. Dismissed!"

The stadium soon emptied, leaving de la Vega to momentarily contemplate what had been detected on planetary sensors. A key to the stars, for sure, and a handful to get into shipshape. He swiftly headed to his offices, although upon completion they were closer to a vacation loft than a mere workspace.
Federation Fleets / Sapere Aude "Dare to Know"
« Last post by Beylara on November 01, 2020, 08:50:51 PM »
“Welcome to the Delta Quadrant!”

That’s what they say when they greet you. What they don’t say is that the station is small and rough. Personnel are crammed three or four to a room. The colony is still being built on the planet below. They promised to get arrays up as soon as possible so that communications go faster, but it is the frontier.

The Delta Alliance Exploratory Initiative welcomes you to the Delta Quadrant. A civilian-run organization answerable to the Khitomer Alliance with the stated goal of digging into the hidden corners of the Delta Quadrant and finding colonizable planets. With the permission of local authorities, of course.

“We need people like you to make the dream happen! New life! New civilizations! New homes for refugees displaced by war or natural disaster!”

A bit tactless to say if there’s a Romulan in the room, perhaps, but your greeter has the widest smile.

Who We Are: We are a role-playing fleet in Star Trek Online that utilizes the immense, unexplored space of the Delta Quadrant to complement existing lore with creative stories. We’re a social community of people who enjoy sharing stories in-character, as well as friendly interaction out-of-character.

What We Do: When you aren’t role-playing “Bar Trek” style at a fleet location (or in a public location), we offer scheduled events that include one-shot stories as well as longer-term plotlines. Our unique “Project” system allows fleet characters to actively impact the environment around them. This allows players to help build and create the organization, solve problems that impact your characters, and create/colonize new planets. We focus primarily on exploration and discovery stories.

What Can You Do: Our players can (in-character) command their own ships with NPC crews. They can also join a player crew, where a player commanding officer organizes a crew based on the sort of stories they care to run (or which faction they want to represent). The crew organizer may choose to run events catering to the crew or designate an official Storyteller. Positions on the starbase/colony will open up as we go!

Storyteller Role: We have several roles in the fleet that give people opportunities to contribute from a roleplaying perspective. The Storyteller role is available to anyone who wishes to run events; from one-shots to long-term projects. There is a private section of the discord and website so that Storytellers can design plotlines, create systems and species, collaborate, and help critique or strengthen each other’s plots.

Where to Find Us: We have a website ( as well as a discord server! Join us at ! Get to know the players, Storytellers, Moderators,and Admins! If you like what you see, jump into the application process!
Personal Logs / Operation: Armada de Vitor
« Last post by Raius on September 23, 2020, 10:27:05 PM »
Stardate 97729.3
Undocumented Mountain Range
Undocumented Continent
Undocumented Solar System
Undocumented Sector
Large Magellanic Cloud 

A jet black moustache wiggles below the optical lens of a large mobile refracting telescope, a cold polar breeze whispering around Captain de la Vega's gilded armor, barely visible under a billowing black trench coat and frosted knee-high boots.

"There!", he barks and hurriedly points to the night sky, slightly rattling the telescope, and the tripod that it stood on. The rest of the team around him shake their heads, almost in unison, albeit still writing down notes of the "point" that was being pointing to. It comes as quickly as it goes. Invisible, not due to something hidden or else in another space-time, but that nothing was actually there...yet. A place for...something. A communications relay, most likely. The solar system had yet to be named or explored. What was the being of this planet, past, present, future, neighbors, friends, fiends, what was the balance of terror in this small & ancient corner?

The team began to pack their things, and head out to a different location. The last one for the evening. The Terran Equinox had yet to be celebrated.
Personal Logs / Re: A new time, a new place
« Last post by BLTrrn on September 19, 2020, 08:21:39 AM »
Captains Log
Stardate 97717.08
Operation: Argo Navis
Captain R.M.A. de la Vega Esq. Commanding

Such an ordeal. A worthy ordeal, but one that has us coming out on top by a hair.
I am convinced, beyond certainty, that this place is meant for us. Abandoned megaliths and ruins sprinkle the surface; mines, iced over prairies, towering mountains, frozen oceans, there is much to explore. Much too cold for surface agriculture, however; our predecessors left without terraforming a great deal, something they have said to have been quite capable of.
The vault, however...everything we need to start anew. Locations of resources, meteorological & astronomical observatories, habitable structures, a map of The Labyrinthodon. This vault was once for used Command & Control, and doubly as a bunker, and we will use it as such.

I've elected, along with my staff, to conclude Operation: Argo Navis, and commence Operation: Armada de Vitor; me must fulfill our destiny to make this place...Marrakand, she is called, over one-hundred thousand lightyears from our Terra, our Milky make Marrakand a new home for our people, free from our haughty, immoral state what we dishonorably call our Empire. We shall forge anew by her green flame.
Personal Logs / Re: A new time, a new place
« Last post by BLTrrn on September 10, 2020, 02:35:05 AM »
Captains Log
Stardate 97691.88
Operation: Argo Navis
Captain R.M.A. de la Vega Esq. Commanding

Five Days! Five Days of tinkering and calculating before we can access the cache of this ancient colony. The Engineers say that they need that time to understand how the vaults work, and to screen for any failsafes. I do not blame them for thinking so materially, but frustration abounds when I know it is our destiny to rebuild from here. Whatever is in there is certainly worth the effort. There is ample opportunity for patrols to be held until we progress; there are surely many undiscovered resources and wildlife dotting the surface.
Personal Logs / Re: A new time, a new place
« Last post by BLTrrn on August 29, 2020, 04:20:37 AM »
Captains Log
Stardate 97659.16
Operation: Argo Navis
Captain R.M.A. de la Vega Esq. Commanding

Perhaps...I was too harsh on this world. We've not named it, yet its gifts have nonetheless sprung forth. This world was once a colony, long ago, it seems abandoned after a sudden cataclysm elsewhere...I reckon for greener pastures, as it were. Interesting as this is, entrances to extensive & at times massive subterranean passages crisscross this world's surface, although scans indicate that these passages may reach to the upper mantle; until original purpose is found for this infrastructure, it will be referred to as "The Labyrinthodon".

Operational Staff has moved near the first entrance we first encountered, fabricating a small citadel around it. The accommodations are humble to say the least, but it is a harsh medicine that will push us to grasp this world as our own, and mold it to our will.