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Author Topic: Report: Maquis Base Reconnaissance - First Talso'Eklat  (Read 923 times)

1st. TalsoEklat

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Report: Maquis Base Reconnaissance - First Talso'Eklat
« on: June 02, 2020, 02:28:02 AM »
Stardate: 96419.44
First Talso'Eklat
Level 1 - Open


LOCATION: Derelict Maquis Base - Badlands

MISSION: Investigate Previous Sensor Readings

OUTCOME: Mission Complete. The readings were investigated though no clear culprit was found. This incident is to be logged for future reference.


Phill'min Ijhlab - Starfleet Captain. Took interest in derelict base despite the technology being outdated and it being strategically insignificant. Motives unknown.

Bala - Starlfeet Captain. Apparent Specialist in low gravity environments. Could pose significant threat to Jem Hadar forces in said circumstances.

Mhai t'Jhaelaa - Starfleet Captain. Romulan. They are a deceptive people, I advise review of the records during the Alpha war, when they killed their own senator to spur their population to conflict. A Starfleet captain is said to never lie. Is this an oxymoron?

Jenn - Starfleet Captain. Apparently knowledgeable in phaser emissions.

Karlis - Vorta. This alliance with the Alpha quadrant has made it clear the Vorta are needed. This one served the Founders well. Would not recommend on low gravity operations in the future.

NARRATIVE: Two weeks after the registration of power signatures by scout vessel Devout-117 in the badlands area a conference was called with Starfleet personnel. Starfleet authorized a multi-ship endeavour to the Badlands to conduct a more comprehensive investigation. It was clearly the will of the Founders that the technologically apt minds of Starfleet saw the wisdom in continuing this investigation. The Vorta too proved invaluable for convincing the representatives of the Federation to submit to the Founder's will in this instance.

Location was pulled from log of Devout-117. As expected their work proved acceptable and the fleet was able to locate the base with ease. A deployment of the Starfleet forces, myself, a Vorta liaison, and two Jem Hadar for security. They remained under shroud. Through use of a variety of sources Starfleet was able to determine that a cutting crew had removed an industrial replicator from the facility. The group then fell into infighting over the crew's possible motives. This is a sign of a clear flaw in Starfleet's unity, and will be the subject of my next message to the Federation President.

Though no deceive measures have been taken it is clear that such a potent weapon can not be allowed to fall in to the wrong hands. I do not know how to maintain the security of Starfleet's outer colonies if they refuse to allow suppression measures against potentially hostile elements to happen. I see more then ever the need for the Jem Hadar in this alliance. I pray to the Founders that they will see the wisdom in these measures.

All Glory to the Founders.

RECOMMENDATION: It is necessary that we continue our patrols of derelict positions, especially those containing weapons. I advise the Vorta speak to Starfleet about increasing their own security measures.