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Author Topic: Report: Potential Breach of Federation Prime Directive - CDR Devlak  (Read 2389 times)

Cmdr. Devlak

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CDR Devlak
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Delta Volanis Cluster - Lambda Microscopii Gamma 214 - 4th Planet

MISSION: R.R.W Destrix - Assist Starfleet with Potential Breach of their Prime Directive

OUTCOME: It was believed that the equipment left here from the crash of the Starfleet shuttle was recovered, with the Prime Directive not having been breached.

Commander Devlak

Captain Nylassa Alundi
Lieutenant Commander Klaarna
Lieutenant Jason Heath

Captain Skreth't
Unknown KDF Ferasan

NARRATIVE: The R.R.W Destrix was sent to assist with determining if Starfleet's Prime Directive was breached. A Federation shuttle crashed landed on the planet and was thought to be destroyed, along with all of its equipment. Weapon discharge signatures were detected on the planet, so an away team was sent to investigate.

The culture of the planet resembled that of early 18th or 19th century Earth. There was no time to fabricate proper attire to blend in with the locals, so holographic devices were used to mask our clothing and identities. There were large deposits of a signal dampening metal, which made using transporters useless. Instead, we inserted via a cloaked shuttle from the R.R.W Destrix without incident.

After our arrival on the planet, we were intercepted by a local named Tarnel, who stated that he was an Imperial Inquisitor and a sort of "witch hunter". He described the "witches" to carry sticks witch could obliterate a living being, which were thought to be Federation phaser weapons.

Tarnel questioned us, then explained that some time ago "green blooded and greenskin" beings descended on their home, wreaking havoc on their towns and cities. They applied force using  black powder artillery much like those used in Earth's old times, to bring down the ship of the invaders, and sent forces to dispatch any survivors. It is believed that the invaders were Orions looking for slaves.

After being questioned by Tarnel, a so called "witch" named Gladrial appeared, brandishing a phaser. Before we had time to defuse the situation, an unknown KDF Ferasan Captain appeared, not using a holographic device to mask her identity and brandishing a rifle pointed at Gladrial. Gladrial attempted to fire her weapon on us, however the phaser was out of power. LCDR Klaarna disarmed Gladrial, and handed custody of her over to the Tarnel. After an argument with the KDF Captain, the away team departed the planet with what was believed to be all of the equipment left behind.

RECOMMENDATION: I suggest the Alliance keep a continued watch on the planet to ensure that ALL Federation equipment was found and retrieved. Anything left behind could have severe lasting effects on the culture of the inhabitants.

Respectfully request that the arrival of additional operatives for missions in the future be announced prior to their appearance at the location of the mission. The sudden appearance of the KDF Captain nearly jeopardized the mission.

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