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Author Topic: Report: Witchhunters log, Imperial Date 162 - Inquisitorial Witchhunter Tarnel  (Read 2574 times)

Inquisitor Tarnel

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Stardate: 162
Inquisitorial Witchhunter Tarnel
Level 3 - Restricted


LOCATION: Northern Reaches

MISSION: Confirm reports of Witchcraft. Locate Witch.

OUTCOME: The witch was located with the aid of outsiders. Imperial bombardment of the forest will not be needed.


A team of outlanders was found in the forest where the witch was reported to be. A quarry of their own appeared soon after as well.

NARRATIVE: Witchhunters log, Day 1: Made contact with village near site of reported witchlight. They were happy to co-operate with all of my needs.

Witchhunters log, Day 2: Gathered reports from the village, logged multiple use of witch on several of the village's most eligible spinsters. Reports of witchlight were given, but this light was orange. Not green. A variation we have not seen before.

Witchhunters log, Day 3: Livestock reported missing, witchlight suspected. If so, this witch must be running low on lights.

Witchhunters log, Day 4: Tracking in the woods. No report.

Witchhunters log, Day 5:  Tracking in the woods. Found remains of livestock. Recalculating for number of witchlight flashes suspected.

Witchhunters log, Day 6: Continued to track, find several burns on stone. While they may be strange to the untrained eye, it is the clear sign of witchlight test fire.

Witchhunters log, Day 7: Tracking in forest. Nothing to report.

Witchhunters log, Day 8: Made contact with group of strangers in forest while tracking. They were suspicious, and claimed to come from the village. This ruse was easily foiled, however they insisted they mean no harm. While many aspects of their trickery were nearly convincing, they failed to grasp even the slightest nuance of Imperial culture. When subjected to the blood test, they bled pink.

Despite this, they continued to insisted they were there to help. They seemed very interested in the witch attack during the month of darkness. It is my belief they know of these witches by another name. They seemed interested in retrieving the witchlight device.

The witch, however, stole this chance and threatened the group with her witchlight device. Without the training of the Inquisition, she did not know the device had a limited number of flashes. Nor did she know it was out. Despite the interference of an enemy of my new 'allies' I was able to detain the witch. However her witchlight device and several other tools were taken by the party of outsiders.

Witchhunters log, Day 9: The witch showed me where her witchlight device fell from the sky. The palisade was much smaller then the one that attacked the capitol all of those years ago. I have advised against moving any piece of it, as it has remained unfound by my new 'allies' and I do not know why. I will leave this log here under guard, until supplies can be brought from the labs in the capitol

Witchhunters log, Day 39: I have returned from the capitol with a power source salvaged from the original palisade. It has proven enough to power the most basic spells of this one. The aid of the witch, or should I say Inquisitor Scribe Gladirel has been most helpful. The order will be most interested in this.

RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended to the Order that a permanent base be set up at this new palisade for research purposes. It appears to be much more advanced then one in which the current inquisitorial headquarters is based, and will lead to a significant increase in knowledge.